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Before You Floor

Your home is a reflection of where you are today. There’s no hard and fast rule. Every individual is different -  and every home is different. First home or dream home, large or small, new or historic, each home has a character that makes it unique. We get that it can be overwhelming at times, but you have help. In this guide, we hope to provide you with practical advice, quick information and beautiful ideas so you feel inspired and confident to make the best decisions for you on your journey to new floors.


Before considering different options, it’s important to know what you can afford. Nobody loves sticker-shock, and if you’re anything like us, new flooring isn’t something that pocket change can afford. It’s an investment, but not one that’s out of reach.  Our experienced professionals are ready to assist with all lifestyles and budgets, whether you’re looking for us to install or just to buy material and do the installation yourself. Maybe you’re handy and want to save in the little details that can be done by our professionals or by yourself - furniture moving, demo, etc. Whatever the case, let us know what we can do to help you find the dream floor without breaking the bank.

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Think about what you really need. What are your non-negotiables? Is there high moisture content in this room or does it take a lot of traffic? Perhaps it’s used primarily for entertainment, and you want it to make a statement? Whether your main objective is practicality, style, or both, there are options out there. Consult with one of our professionals today to find out what fits your space and lifestyle!  

Color makes the room. Pay attention to furniture and decor in your space and keep wall color and overall color scheme of your home in mind as you select style and color options for your new flooring. Nothing is better than the feeling of a cohesive space - so pay attention to the details! (Maybe even bring samples or pictures of what you have!)
And if you’re starting over? We’ve got you covered. Our designers will work with you to select each and every detail, such as paint or trim color, even if it’s not something we sell.

No matter what your needs and objectives are, know there are suitable options available in multiple colors, textures, and visuals across all product categories. Truly, something for everyone. And if that sounds overwhelming, our designers have you covered. Call to schedule a free consultation today!

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