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Benefits of Laminate

For a while, “Laminate” became a taboo word in the flooring industry. But now, it’s making a major comeback. Breakthroughs in modern technology and manufacturing methods offer practical and beautiful floors at an extremely affordable cost. Read on to find what’s improved!


The Look.
Today’s laminates come in a variety of visuals that are so realistic, you’ll find yourself asking, “Isn’t that hardwood?” With the available authentic looks featuring different species, styles and flexible colors, you’re sure to find the right one for your project.
Grand Design has a laminate and a hardwood floor installed side-by-side in our showroom…and most people can’t even find the seam! Stop in to find out if you can see the difference.



The Feel.
As if high definition and realistic visuals weren’t enough, advanced technology has made the durable finish more than just another layer. It follows the patterns and grain, creating brushed, distressed and highly textured floors. No more fear of that plastic visual! Laminate can give you not just the look, but the convincing feel of real hardwood.  



The Life.
Want a worry-free installation? A floor that can stand up to your kids, pets and active lifestyle? This option is ready to prove itself. Laminate is made with an incredibly dense core, layered with a beautiful pattern, then finished off with a melamine wear layer that is incredibly resistant to scuffing, scratching, denting and topical moisture. In short, it can take a beating. Come see for yourself! Our showroom features laminate on it’s own floor, so you can see how it withstands the traffic, grit and water that finds its way into a retail environment.


The Green.

Along with the above benefits, Laminate is inherently ‘Green’. The manufacturing process uses fewer resources and far less wood, and the finished product is non-toxic. Our distributors boast low-emission certifications from the largest and most respected product safety organizations in the world. And that’s just how it’s made. Unlike other flooring products, laminate is recyclable. You can be in love with the look, the performance, and the feel-good from knowing where it’s from and where it’s going.   




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